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Queen Bee and Clear Bee- Best Face Care Set


    Queen Bee and Clear Bee Facial Set


Queen Bee the ultimate Day Time moisturer for your face coupled with Clear Bee the gentle yet effective exfoliating facial bar that clearly out performs the rest! 

 All natural -and made with a salad bar of ingrediants Queen Bee delivers all day moisture, anti-aging and antioxident power to enhance your skin's natural glow. 

All natural and balancing Clear Bee facial bar provides creamy soft lather that deep cleanses and exfoliates with white willow bark and rooibos tea, clearing mask nee, acne, makeup and debris and leaving skin fresh and soothed with balance. 

Never any additives -Honey Buz uses the best of nature to collecively provide the best for skin care.     

We wanted to show our thanks and appreciation to our customers by providing a savings on this "buzz your face" amazing face care set.    




Face Moisturizer & Face Bar
Posted Aug 15th 2023 by Trai

My daughter uses the soap and I use the moisturizer, We both are very happy with the products and have ordered them again for the third time! They work great and smell lovely! We first were introduced to these products at the Philly Flower Show, the ladies there sold us on their product and we are really glad they did, thanks!

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Sku THX-103
Queen Bee and Clear Bee- Best Face Care Set