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Fat Bee Replenishing Night Cream


FAT BEE      The Buz My Face Collection

Replenishing Night Cream
Full Spectrum Beauty
Essential fat soluble vitamins are replenished in your skin overnight with this long lasting, creamy night cream. It spreads like silk. Overnight trasformation- fall in love with the results, the scent and the unique texture. Honey Lime

All the fat soluable vitamins your skin needs -wake up with radiant skin

Concentrated a small amount goes along way! 

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Fat Bee Overnight moisture-vitamin rich all natural  beauty cream like no other - hemp, mango, baobab, elderberry  sunflower -local- organic- skin care
Moisture rich hemp extract and oil, mango, baobab, emu oil, vitamin E , elderberry, sunflower, amazing ingredients -local-organic-skin care
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