Our Why:

It sounds cliche but it’s true. Having experienced cancer and many allergies ourselves, we are eyes wide open aware of what we need for our wellness and to look and feel our best without unnecessary chemicals. We need these products for ourselves and we know we are not alone. You’re here because you probably need the best hemp products for your body too.  We couldn't find the right Hemp & Honey Products anywhere. We looked for:


Biodegradable, preservative free, color safe shampoo that comes in a bar, not a bottle and works great because it’s salon quality and silicone free? 

It didn’t exist, so we created it. 

Bonus: We are saving the planet from excess plastic waste (our other passionate mission).


Tanja’s dog has dry itchy skin and needs a shampoo that’s sulfate free, contains honey for natural moisture and CBD for it’s beneficial properties. Oh, and we’d like it to be in a bar.

It didn’t exist, so we created it.

Bonus: We get to make dogs happy and healthy and we are saving the planet from excess plastic waste (see the theme here?)


We both wanted a fun way to take our extracts in small doses throughout the day and we wanted the best bioavailable, tasty, all natural way to do it and we’d like to have honey in it too.  Gummies? We don’t need colors and preservatives plus a bite or two and it’s gone and they don’t have any honey in them.  That’s no fun. We wanted hard honey candy because it’s better for absorption and it really is tasty.  It didn’t exist, so we created it.

Bonus: We bet you are going to love our Creating Your Own Buz too (you can even use cannabis- we won’t tell). We are saving your body from unnecessary dyes and preservatives and helping you smile with healthy tasty candy. 


Our How:

Tanja and I are problem solvers at our core and we are lifelong entrepreneurs so the solution to create Honey Buz and bring truly original hemp products to the world was a no brainer.

Bonus: We get to support our local beekeepers and our local farmers (and you do too).


Tanja is a beekeeper and knows all too well the many benefits of honey.  I am a product developer and have been making probiotic skin care for years. We both use Hemp for multiple reasons.  We both love honey.  We both already have businesses at our local Business Accelerator. The how was easy:  we just decided it was needed and we made it happen.  

Bonus:  We get to help you be the best you can be too.


Thank you for joining our hive!