About Us

Our Why:

 Having experienced cancer and many allergies within our family, we are aware of what we need for our wellness and to look and feel our best. Natural healing without unnecessary chemicals. We need to create change in the way skin and hair care products are manufactured. We know we are not alone in our mission. You’re here because you probably need the best honey and hemp products for your body too. We couldn't find what we wanted, a wholesome alternative that supports wellness. And this begins the mission to create an all-natural beauty line with wellness built in.

We are honored to serve you with natures best. 

 Biodegradable, preservative free, color safe shampoo and hair conditioner that comes in a bar, not a bottle and works great because it’s salon quality and silicone free. Free of dyes and harsh additives.  

Why buy a bottle of water and detergent? We made a difference buy creating all-natural shampoo and conditioner bars. Because you can add the water! 

Our give back:  We are saving the planet from excess plastic waste.  

 Our fuzzy companions need to be considered as well. Dogs with dry itchy skin and need a shampoo that’s sulfate free, contains honey for natural moisture and CBD for its beneficial properties. 

Our give back: We get to make dogs happy and healthy, and we are saving the planet from excess plastic waste. Veterinarian approved for quality and performance.   

Skin care that offers true 'care" for your skin, without harsh ingredients-created to offer healing with honey. Free of chemicals and excess water.

Body Lotions and Face Care that provide a holistic natural approach to treat irritations and aggravations, with the full of healing power of honey and natural botanicals. 


 Our How:

The journey begins as a beekeeper, and an education of how hemp and flowers were utilized as remedies.  

Today we support beekeepers and local farms by sourcing the best natural ingredients and by keeping chemicals out of the mix.

As a beekeeper we understand the importance of sustainability and keeping the apiary chemical free. And in turn honeybees provide us the many benefits of honey.  We love honey and we serve our honeybees. We support and have grown our Honey Buz apiary, as we need to " bee aware " of our pollinators. 

The perfect match

Hemp is known through ancient times for natural benefits.  Having a certification and education on various forms of the hemp plant has led to the perfect match. Honey and hemp along with the botanical bounty of a flower garden. This is how Honey Buz supports farmers and beekeepers and delivers true care for skin and hair.   

Our give back: The alternative to harsh, an approach to natural healing and your well bee-ing.  

Thank you for joining our hive! We are grateful for your support on the mission.

Save your Body, Hair and Planet.