The unexpected Mothers' Day -Grateful for the healing

The unexpected Mothers' Day -Grateful for the healing

Posted by Tanja Lewit on May 18th 2024

Every Mom is Special

This Mother's Day I thank God again for his many blessings. We planned a special trip Mom and I and we came home incredibly happy and exhausted. We sat down for lunch; it had been a while since we had eaten, and airline snacks are not what they used to be.

As I brought her a glass of water I watched as she started slipping off the chair.

I ran over, grabbed her and we fell together. I caught her head and back but could not stop the hip from hitting the floor.

She was in terrible pain, she started going into shock and it was hard to get her off the floor even though she weighs eighty-five pounds.

I put ice immediately on my hip. She started turning red breathing shallow, chills this was major, and I feel sick in my gut, but I must forget that and focus -I called 911 -we got her slowly on the stretcher and to the hospital.

She had broken the ball of her hip. At 88 years old and weighing eighty-five pounds that fall was a break easily.

Sharing what I learned

Rosemarie is a determined lady. It has been 1 week, and she is walking on her new shiny hip. Today she is training on stairs and household tasks. She is relearning movements to continue to heal her hip at home. Look forward to that day.

Immense gratitude for the amazing healthcare team that has assisted along the way.

We cannot forget the dedication of these people throughout the last few years of a pandemic and still going strong with compassion and resilience to help others. And may I emphasize always. Innovative technologies in healthcare and encouragement for independent living with a full support team have made this transition easier than ever before. This is one half of the hike; the remainder of the journey is with Mom herself.

As Mothers we dismiss pain easily. Do not be mistaken, in that we need to ensure our best health and wellbeing to support our families. Having courage and perseverance during challenging times is a remarkable quality that my mom passed down to me. Life is filled with difficulties and my mother taught me that with faith, focus and sacrifice, it all works out in the end.

I would like to add to that – with faith focus and gratitude, we can align with our highest and best self as well as with grace itself. We need to have our own inner strength fortified to be a true support to others.

Creating a Support Network

It is tremendously important to ask questions, to gather a support network of family services as there are options to assist.

Take the time to visit. My daughter and son in law visited my mom in rehab.

It was great to observe the happiness on a quiet patient’s face when Ronan smiled and said hello. Since this small nonevent- Tedd opened and told us of his accident and his life. He fell from a ladder at home as he lives alone.

He is eighty-six. and was a private Pilate. He flew a jet and had a distinguished career, now retired. I walked into lunch today to witness my mom praying together with Tedd and it is amazing- just as if a light surrounds them both.

I see it- it is a healing light of compassion and gratitude to be well. There are no more words to add here. The joy of this experience is contagious indeed.

Remember please to be available for a visit with a smile. You never know the waves of joy that come from just a visit. As with my mom, a new bond of friendship and spiritual support has begun, and it all started with a short visit from my grandson.

Special Recognition for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day was last week. The hallmark marketing machine told us we need to be ready for Memorial Day.

I want to say that our family is still celebrating Mother’s Day and simple kindness to our parents should be part of everyday. We never need a special occasion to celebrate life. It happens every day. Celebrate every day.

Cherish Every Moment

I always say we have one life to life.

It is my expression of how and why I started on the creation of Honey Buz

Re-inventing remedies, in a better way to help so many with skin irritations, hair depletion and pain issues. I witnessed from the next chair overseeing the changes in the face and skin as the cycle of going through cancer treatments, chemo, radiation hurts our external self.

I have experienced people sharing new allergic reactions to chemicals of all kinds, from over exposure or changes in sensitivity to our environment. We continue -the mission.

Am thrilled that I have an inner circle of healers to continue to support myself-the Honey Buz cause, and now the newest experience of a healing journey with my mom. Have already tucked the Honey Glove in my purse to apply on Mom’s feet, when I visit her today for some cooling and comfort.