Introducing Fresh Bee:  new Natural Deodorant for your Sensitive Skin

Introducing Fresh Bee: new Natural Deodorant for your Sensitive Skin

Posted by Honey Buz team on Apr 5th 2024

Introducing Fresh Bee: new Natural Deodorant for your Sensitive Skin

Hi there, friends and hello world! 

We are buzzing with excitement to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Fresh Bee – a deodorant that's all about keeping you fresh, naturally.

Honey Buz Fresh Bee is free of baking soda, dyes, nothing harsh. We've turned our backs on harsh chemicals and said a big no to baking soda. Instead, we're embracing the power of essential oils to keep those unwanted odors at bay. With a solid base of coconut oil and glycerin, along with organic beeswax-we are providing something unique.

Why Fresh Bee? Here's why all the Buzz: (@honeybuzinc!)

  • Essential Oils for the Win: We've harnessed the natural power of essential oils to neutralize odors. And for that burst of freshness? Cold-pressed lime essential oil is our hero, not just for its invigorating scent but also for giving your skin a dose of vitamin C.
  • Sensitive Skin’s Best Friend: Our formula is gentle yet effective, designed to keep you odor-free without irritating your skin.
  • Staying Fresh All Day: From packing up after a bustling Honey Buz event to your daily hustle, Fresh Bee's got your back. Our products are made to last, keeping you fresh and confident no matter what the day throws your way. It smells amazing- for everyone.
  • Sustainable from the Get-Go: We’re not just about smelling good. With biodegradable packaging and a formula enriched with cocoa butter, hemp, sunflower, organic beeswax, and vitamin E, we’re kind to your skin and the planet.

How to Apply-

Smooth Honey Buz Fresh Bee under your arm with 2 or 3 strokes. Fresh Bee is NOT clear- the zinc oxide is gentle and provides staying power of our essentials to neutralize and keep you fresh.

We recommend either wearing clothes and then applying to skin or applying to skin and waiting a minute or two- no staining – no wearing off -simply wonderful natural freshness and long lasting.

It took our Honey Buz team 6 to 7 months of trials to craft something that checks all boxes-and works really well.   Stay tuned as we will be sending out a special offer so that you too can try the best natural deodorant on -

and for the Planet!!! 

Honey Buz mission: Where Beauty Meets Responsibility

Fresh Bee is our newest addition to the Honey Buz family, we're proud to remain authentic to our same ethos of sustainable, all-natural beauty. From our honey and hemp-based skincare and haircare products to our eco-conscious manufacturing processes, we're dedicated to doing good for your body, hair, and the Earth.

  • Conserving Water: We know how precious water is, which is why we opt for water-conservative methods in our production. This is also why we are long lasing as well.
  • Biodegradable Goodness: Our commitment to the planet includes making sure our products don't stick around in landfills. What goes to earth replenishes for the next crops.
  • Packaging with a Purpose: We use recycled materials for our packaging, reducing waste and encouraging recycling and reuse. We are looking into reusing Ocean plastics and other new packaging to keep our products fresh-and the planet clean.
  • Ethically Sourced Ingredients: We choose our ingredients with care, ensuring they’re sustainably harvested to protect our ecosystems and benefit local communities.

No Animal Testing Always: Our love for the planet extends to all its inhabitants. We ensure no animals are harmed. We are Family Tested and Approved- and besides who better than family and our own Honey Buz hive to test, try, live with- and provide feedback on a solution we are so very proud of.

Join Us in Making a Difference

With Fresh Bee and Honey Buz, you’re not just choosing quality beauty and personal care products; you’re making a statement. A statement that says, "I care about my body, my hair, and my planet." So, why not start today? Save Your Body, Save Your Hair, and Save the Planet with us. Welcome to the family!