Honey Buz

Honey Buz Apiary Honey


We extract the Honey for our all natural Hemp and Honey products from our Honey Buz Apiary and our local area beekeeper community.

We believe in the curative properties in natural raw honey, and amazing wellness factor.

Our honey is spun off the frame, and lands in a jar. It is from the Northern NJ and Upstate NY region, filled with rolling farmlands, lakes and rivers. It is pure and wholesome, with a depth of flavor and color- from surrounding seasonal wildflowers and blossoms.    

We welcome you to try our Honey Buz all natural gift from the bees.

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Sku RH-300
Honey Buz All Natural Honey  -Available at our local markets and always online
Pure Honey is a gift from the bees
Honey Buz Apiary -Cindy and Tanja-Sussex County NJ
We certify our Honey is Pure and Natural.