Honey Buz

Honey Glove Topical Cream for Hands, Muscles, Joints


Honey Glove 
Menthol Free | Probiotic

Honey Buz formulates this velvety cream with MSM, Arnica and colloidal oatmeal with a therapeutic botanical blend of Wintergreen, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Essential oils for additional relief. Natural moisturizing with probiotics and offers wonderful relief of chapped hands, stiff necks, sore muscles. Velvetty smooth cream -botanical blend with our honey and hemp signature. This topical works fast and feels luxurious.     

Available with 500mg in our 1.70 oz size

My skin felt so good it helps sooth my hands from constantly washing them 

Honey Glove is liquid therapy for sore hands and shoulders  

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Sku 650-17
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Honey Buz,Honey Glove,natural-pain-relief-topical for hands, muscles, joints, joint pain relief. pain relief
Honey Glove Topical Cream for Hands, Muscles, Joints