Our Honey Buz CBG + Honey Soap

Jun 17th 2023

We're buzzing with excitement about our newest Honey Buz CBG and Honey Soap!      This isn't just a natural soap - it's a mini spa in a bar, packed with natural ingredients to give you that luxurious feel: Deep Cl...
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Meet Kaloyan: The Wordsmith behind Honey Buz

Jun 7th 2023

Here at Honey Buz, our success is as much about our awesome people as it is about our amazing products. One of these stars is Kaloyan, our young and super-charged copywriter. His authenticity, energy, creativity, and talent for storytelling echo...
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22 West Main -Goshen Village NY -Shop Local Headquarters

Nov 15th 2022

22 West Main in Goshen NY -Shop Local HeadquartersThe message is about community, the message is Shop Local and support small businesses. It is our own local farms and apiary that provide us natural abundance, and we support local. In the beau...
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