Honey Buz at Sparta Ren Faire: A Journey Back to Ancient Remedies

Honey Buz at Sparta Ren Faire: A Journey Back to Ancient Remedies

Posted by Honey Buz team on Sep 5th 2023

Greetings, noble lords, and ladies!  

 We are delighted to announce that Honey Buz will be a part of this year's Sparta Ren Faire, taking you on a time-traveling expedition to the age when honey and hemp were cornerstones of health and beauty. Step into our alchemic apothecary and discover wellness elixirs as ancient as the tales of Merlin and as effective as a knight's sword!

Come see up Sept 9 &10, 16 &17, the 23 &24th. At the White Lake Kingdom of Sparta NJ. Sparta Ren Faire

The Lore of Honey in Medieval Wellness 

In the days of old, honey was more than just a sweet delight; it was a vital component of medieval medicine cabinets. Esteemed by healers and alchemists for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, honey was used in the making of salves for wounds, balms for the skin, and potions to soothe the throat. It was an elixir that bridged the divine and the earthly, believed to contain the very essence of life itself. At Honey Buz, we have recaptured this medieval magic in our range of honey-infused products, ensuring you get to experience the age-old benefits that have stood the test of time.

    Why You Should Visit Us

    1. Chemical-Free Goodness: In a time when chemicals were yet to be invented, nature provided all the remedies we needed. Experience that purity at our stall.
    2. Holistic Beauty: We offer an exquisite range of honey-infused skin and hair care products that carry the wisdom of the ages and the essence of purity.
    3. Learn & Heal: Talk to our wise herbalist and apothecaries about the time-tested benefits of honey and hemp, and how to incorporate them into your modern-day routine.

    Special Offerings 

  • Raw Apiary Honey: The nectar of the gods for your health and wellness.
  • Hemp-Infused beauty: Tap into nature’s most potent botanicals for beautiful skin and hair.
  • The sweet treat of healing topicals to soothe weary travelers on their way through the kingdom. Pack your scrolls and set your sundials! We look forward to welcoming you to our humble oasis amidst the pageantry and spectacle of the Sparta Ren Faire.

Yours in timeless health and beauty,

The Honey Buz Team