Honey Buz now available at the Westtown Fare Market

Honey Buz now available at the Westtown Fare Market

Posted by T Lewit on May 13th 2021

Westtown Fare Market is OPEN!

Honey Buz now available at the Westtown Fare Market

As one of our neighboring businesses in Orange County NY we were excited to be part of the “behind the scenes” as the Westtown Fare Market was born!

Westtown Fare is prized for their culinary talents as they deliver locally sourced foods in a variety of amazing dishes. 

To be unique and offer some of the best pates, cheeses, breads, and locally produced items -including specialty Italian foods that are hard to find was the goal. Being able to purchase gourmet meals, which are now prepared by the restaurant for take home, is a true treat!

It has been a long-awaited effort to bring some of the finest brands in culinary circles to this new Market in Orange County, and we are pleased to have Honey Buz featured as one of the local brands.

      " We are a specialty store and offer the best in the Region” was Kristina’s statement about HoneyBuz.

We have several customers and fans in the area that love the Honey Buz brand for the wellness the products deliver, so we are especially proud to be featured in this new upscale Market. Wow!

The Westtown Fare restaurant and market has a loyal following and is a favorite among the area.

And for Honey Buz fans – all natural products – including Face Care, Hair Care, Skin Care and our Apiary Honey are now available @Westtown Fare Market.

                              In the area? Come and check it out! It's all the latest Buz!