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Honey Buz Delivers Results - Our Lilac Lane Boutique Client

Welcome to Summer 2022!

We are happy to share some amazing results and happy gorgeous faces of our Honey Buz clients.   

 Thank you to Lilac Lane Boutique in Florida for sending in this beautiful photo.

Gabby has been using Honey Buz products. She loves Clear Bee as a daily regime for exfoliation without drying.

Fat Bee is her overnight moisturizer, and sometimes Gabby uses it even for daytime use, to protect against environmental effects like harsh sun, drying heat, even the effect of using her laptop or tablet.  

We are so grateful for sending in the before and after, and as a working Mom we all understand there is little time in a day, we are so happy our face care simply fits in with your busy schedule. And the results are just "wow"- spa day can look like every day!  

Honey Buz products are made with hemp and honey and a variety of specially selected ingredients specific for purposeful results.  Our Clear Bee has white willow bark as a natural and mild astringent, so it cleanses yet keeps skin balanced. Because it is a solid facial bar, it packs easily in a bag for traveling. Activating with water Clear Bee creates a rich creamy lather that cleanses and clears skin yet leaves it balanced, never dry.   

Fat Bee provides all-natural deep moisture, and little bit goes a long long way. Offering anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, and packed with moisturizing antioxidants, Fat Bee helps keep environmental factors from damaging your skin. 

Shea free, nut oil free, deep moisture without being a "heavy weight". We never use any chemicals we source all natural and offer natures best for you.

Thank you, Gabby for sending this smile, and being part of our hive.     

Thank you to Lilac Lane Boutique for sharing and caring, in offering your clients an all-natural alternative with Honey Buz. Lilac Lane Boutique is located in Cocoa Village Florida at the Magnolia Mall, 12 Stone Street. Featuring Honey Buz Products and special gift items that are extraordinary.  

 Save your Body, Save your Hair and Save the Planet- we all work to make a difference for   ourselves, our community, for everyone.