Daikon -The miracle root for hair

Sep 8th 2020

Daikon- miracle root for Hair- natural shine       Daikon the miracle root for hair –Why The BuzWhat is Daikon? Daikon (大根, literally 'big root'), Raphanus sativusDaikon so priced for so many dishes. In Japan it’s a stap...
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Suing over Shampoo -Legal entanglements over ingredients

Sep 7th 2020

Suing over Shampoo? Legal entanglements over ingredients Have you suffered from scalp irritation and/or hair loss after using a keratin shampoo? There is a class action suit that has been filed against manufacturers that have used ingredients that...
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Save your Body - Save your Hair- Save the Planet

Aug 15th 2020

Save your Body - Save your Hair and Save the Planet Honey Buz natural hair care and skin careIt’s simple, genetically I have never had great hair. Thin easy to tangle, and my brush collected more hair than my head over time. I used highlightin...
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Honey Buz Doggy Stylist Dog Shampoo Bar

Aug 4th 2020

Honey and Hemp crafted Honey Buz Doggy Stylist Dog Shampoo Bar for Dry Sensitive Itchy Skin with CBD Isolate         all natural Our companions deserve a salon break too. This 100% natural shampoo bar is PH bala...
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What makes our Honey Buz Bars - Buz Above the Hive ?

Aug 3rd 2020

Honey Buz Bars are above the hive In short a Healthier New You !It is important to read ingredients so that you know what your money is buying. Given that corporate cosmetic companies use cheap additives and water is number 1,we are committe...
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We use pure Honey for all Honey Buz products

Jul 27th 2020

At Honey Buz we select only pure natural apiary and farm products.We know our local bee keepers well, and we understand their role and struggles in increasing bees for our natural food balance. Did you know the Honey Bee in 2019 was named the m...
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Honey Buz Supports Local Beekeepers and Hemp Farmers

Jun 1st 2020

Take a close look at that cute little golden bear in your kitchen cabinet because Honey, he may be deceiving you!If you are not buying your honey locally, then you may not be buying real honey at all. The demand for honey is at an all time high. At...
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