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Welcome New Year -Welcome Wellness-Hudson River Market to your DoorStep

Bringing the Best of Hudson River Makers, Growers, and Artisans Right to Your Doorstep

We are proud to be featured in the Hudson River Doorstep Market !


The Door Step market features amazing makers form various regions, and we are proud to be part of the Hudson River Valley !

 At Edible Hudson Valley & Edible Manhattan, our passionate writers and editors spend 24/7 unearthing the best that our region has to offer. From little-known micro-distillers, to modern day coopers, to the freshest farm egg you’ve ever tasted, we know the best because it’s our job—it’s also our obsession.

The Edible team created Hudson River Doorstep Market to help amazing local businesses reach beyond the boundaries of their own small communities—in some cases, that means beyond the end of their own country road. We’re using our platform to bring the best of Hudson River region to millions of people, everywhere.

Honey Buz is proud to be featured in a wellness campaign! Please check out our link and we will provide 15% our products through February 15 2021! 

It is a special for a New Year ahead, and a new wellness that begins for you! 

Always sourced local-right in our own Hudson River backyard, and so grateful for the new Edible Hudson Valley and the Doorstep market to deliver right to you! 

Featured this month -Honey Glove - Fits like a glove Topical relief for sore and achy muscles and joint pain. 

Easily use on your neck-with no tears- this formula is MENTHOL FREE and offers a cooling light wintergreen fresh touch-to melt your muscles into submission.

Great for after snow shoveling, and bending over a laptop screen ! Wow relief finally in a natural way!