The "B" Word- Panthenol -Honey Buz  Ingredients

The "B" Word- Panthenol -Honey Buz Ingredients

Posted by TLewis on Nov 29th 2020

Panthenol a Pro Vitamin for Skin Care and Hair Care

At Honey Buz we believe in utilizing natural healing ingredients blended with our Hemp and Honey formulations, provide an all-natural beauty regime designed around your wellness.

What is Panthenol ?

Panthenol, is another name for Pro Vitamin B5, which can penetrate the hair roots and shafts to prevent and repair damaged hair and prevent split ends. It is a wonderful humectant, which means it has the ability to attract moisture and assists skin and hair to retain moisture, which in turn prevents damage. This helps build healthier skin and hair over time.

The “ B “ Benefits 

Panthenol is considered hydrophilic and hygroscopic. ( Wait-what?)

Materials with a special affinity for water- those it spreads across, maximizing contact -are known as hydrophilic.

Hygroscopic is the phenomenon of attracting and holding water molecules via either absorption or adsorption from the surrounding environment. 

It is the science way of saying that has binding properties which help keep moisture and hydration in your skin and hair, and not be released back to the environment.

Blended with Honey Buz vitamin -full ingredients; panthenol assists absorption and empowers other ingredients for better help benefits. The best part- panthenol is a provitamin which means the body converts into vitamin B5 .

Simply stated Pro Vitamin B5 -what we understand as “Panthenol” supports the optimal integrity of your skin, and your hair, your body . 

                    At Honey Buz its all about “vitamins” for your hair, skin and body.

It is about natural vitamin and antioxidant blends that Care- for Hair and Skin,

We say YaY to the Bee and to the “B” vitamins that go into our products to help

Save your Body, Save your Hair and Save the Planet!