The Amazing Honey Glove Topical Lotion

The Amazing Honey Glove Topical Lotion

Oct 5th 2022

Honey Glove Topical Lotion

Today and every day we feature our Honey Glove Topical Pain Lotion, and we are thankful as it has helped many of our clients in the journey of all natural wellness.

   Because we use honey and hemp, our lotion is a glove of protection for your skin.

A glove of velvety smooth soothe to promote wellness of irritated skin and provide comfort to aching joints and muscles. 

                              Honey Glove is a glove of protection for your body

        Offering calmness and aide to ease body pain and soreness, we made lotion to "bee special" for you !  

First we considered sensitive skin and as always developed our lotion to be gentle like a "glove touch" for often irritated skin and knuckles and knees, that accompanies pain.

Second we considered our light wintergreen effect and kept out harshness to eyes -(menthol and such )

 The experience is a noticeable cooling freshness, the first 10 minutes is light cooling wintergreen which has a soft scent in our beautiful sensitive skin lotion. 

We do not add further (no eye irritation allowed ) for painful hands that touch our face or necks that are need relief.

Third is the triple play of 3 all natural pain relievers: 500 mg Hemp Extract, MSM, and Arnica known for its muscle melting effect. In 20 to 30 minutes the topical soothes and relieves and melts the soreness away.

We are so happy to hear from our clients that use this often, as it is formulated to be so effective yet kind.

Honey Glove Lotion is gentle with effective results 

Honey Glove Topical Lotion delivers into the skin and muscle super quick. It is designed to be light, however it is very concentrated as we reduce water in our manufacturing.   

Relief lasts from 4 to 7 hours, and please note it it different for all. We are just grateful to create something with performance and yet gentle and irritant free to help those that need it.  

And as always with Honey Buz products, Chemical Free, Additive Free, Cruelty Free and Planet Friendly.

  Save your Body Save your Hair and Save the Planet- wellness from natures best.