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Our Honey Buz CBG + Honey Soap

We're buzzing with excitement about our newest Honey Buz CBG and Honey Soap!  


This isn't just a natural soap - it's a mini spa in a bar, packed with natural ingredients to give you that luxurious feel:

  1. Deep Cleanse: Let CBG, a superstar compound, and our natural basil's anti-bacterial properties take on the day's grime and germs. They’re like a cleaning duo, ensuring your skin is fresh and pure.
  2. Skin-Softening: Goat's milk, honey, and locally sourced sunflower oil work together to leave your skin soft and silky. These ingredients provide a creamy lather that feels luxurious and keeps your skin moisturized.
  3. Soothing Essence: Troubles with dry skin, poison ivy, allergies, or heat rash? Our CBG and Honey soap soothes and calms, bringing relief to irritated skin.
  4. Natural Goodness: Our soap is chemical-free and packed with the natural wellness of hemp. It harnesses the power of both CBD and CBG to provide a subtle, natural energy to your skin care routine. CBD + CBG together.
  5. Aroma Therapy: Ladies, a special note for the men in your life - they adore the fresh herbal scent of this soap! It's not perfumed, just pure natural basil, which not only smells fantastic but also fights acne and inflammation.

Give your skin a treat with our CBG and Honey soap - where deep cleansing meets soothing care for an all-day fresh and smooth feel. Because your skin deserves nothing but the best!

Hemp Leaf Honey Buz

More About CBG

Our team specially designed this soap with you in mind, prioritizing both deep cleansing and the tender care of your skin. CBG is a powerful tool in fighting harmful bacteria, even those that are resistant to many *antibiotics. 

 Research that has found CBG to have antibacterial properties.

A study conducted by researchers at McMaster University found that CBG has potent antifungal and antimicrobial properties, so powerful that it can combat bacterial strains like MRSA, which is notoriously resistant to antibiotics.