Honey Buz -Save the Planet ! Creating a Buzz with Biodegradable

Honey Buz -Save the Planet ! Creating a Buzz with Biodegradable

Posted by T Lewit on Nov 14th 2020

Honey Buz Save the Planet! We consider the planet in every step.

We really are passionate about our ingredients how we source them. All natural full spectrum hemp, and from the hive honey products. Producing in the Hudson Valley community, we know our local farmers, we understand the buzz in beekeeping. It is important for us to deliver natural purity in our amazing Honey Buz products, and cherish the planet that provides this honey and hemp wellness. Because of this we are aware everyday of the responsibility to give back to the very planet that feeds us .

We're Saving the Environment

Save the Planet - we reduce plastic waste HoneyBuz

No Plastic Waste – we don’t want it we and don’t want our future generation to live in a world filled with plastic waste.

We are the change that is needed to the $500 billion per year global personal care industry that relies on plastic. Liquid shampoos and conditioners? Housed in a plastic bottle—fully or partly unrecyclable. That watery blue colored body wash? Same problem. Even micro plastics are making it into micro-beads for your face wash. This practice should be banned as micro plastics end up in our water and food supplies, and do nothing for your skin. 

 “Discharging Microbeads to Our Waters: An Examination of Wastewater Treatment plants in New York,” detected microbeads in the effluent samples from 25 of the 34 treatment plants participating in this study, suggesting that microbeads are being discharged at the majority of treatment plants operating across New York State.Help stop our waters from gathering plastics and effecting the planet. Save the Planet ! Creating the Buzz on biodegradable. 

Honey Buz in Orange County, Hudson Valley Sunflowers

Worsening the scenario the industry’s plastic footprint has ballooned. The amount of plastic packaging on U.S. products (not just on personal care items) has increased by over 120 times since 1960—with almost 70 percent of that waste piling up in landfills. Globally, the packaging industry for beauty and personal care products, which primarily reflects plastic packaging, makes up nearly $25 billion in sales.

So the challenge—cutting back on, or eliminating plastic packaging entirely—is not a small one.

That is exactly we take it on @Honey Buz.   

Our ingredients are biodegradable and so is our packaging.

At Honey Buz we reconsider the nature of the products, packaging, and supply chain itself. We spend as much time on our packaging considerations as we do with our ingredient selection and sourcing.

The Solid statement of our Solid Bars do not use water- and we save 2 bottles along the way. Honey buz shampoo and conditioner bars are wrapped in biofilm and packaged in our “Bio Box” container.

Our Bio Box is an adorable honeycomb that is biodegradable And offers a sustainable solution.

It keeps are product safe for your use. 

Honey Buz "News"- Recycled newspapers help make our Eco friendly Bio Box

Honey Buz Shampoo bars and Conditioner bars are packaged in Bio Boxes which are made from recycled cardboard and recrafted into a honey comb shape to be part of the cycle of sustainability. Our unique Bio Box is a biodegradable paper honeycomb box that keeps our product safe.

Because the box is made from recycled materials like old newspapers they break down in water. As a result it is safe for the environment. We take pride in knowing old news can become new buz, biodegradable packaging. 

Purchasing our products helps support eco friendly initiatives in considering the planet, and in turn supports our local farmers and beekeepers.