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Honey Buz Doggy Stylist Dog Shampoo Bar

Honey and Hemp crafted Honey Buz Doggy Stylist 

Dog Shampoo Bar for Dry Sensitive Itchy Skin with CBD Isolate         all natural

 Our companions deserve a salon break too. This 100% natural shampoo bar is PH balanced for your Dog 

specially crafted for their skin and fur. No more itchy, great fresh natural scent -NO heavy perfumes

- which is best for a dog’s nose.

Doggy Stylist has been veterinarian tested and approved, and ingredients are lab certified 

Before blending and before final packaging.

We ensure purity and quality And together we support local beekeepers and farmers.

Each Dog Shampoo Bar outlasts two plastic bottles of liquid dog shampoo. 

Honey Buz Shampoo Bars last a long time because nothing is diluted.

We make all-natural solid bars, you add the water!  

We package Doggy Stylist in our bio box-cutting down on plastic waste. 

   Join us in a “Save the Planet” Buz, Water is a resource and so is our Honey. 

 Please read labels for your Pet- Honey Buz Dog Shampoo Bars contain NO chemicals, NO harsh detergents (is that why dry and itchy?) No Volatile Solvents, No Sulfates, No Phthalates No Betaines, No Silicones or ANY Cones

and No Dyes Honey and Hemp, and read all here  Doggy Stylist Bar