Honey Bee Skin Cream -Honey Buz -"Buzz your Face"

Honey Bee Skin Cream -Honey Buz -"Buzz your Face"

Dec 19th 2020

Honey Bee Skin Cream !!!  is what 5 year old Nathan says about the new "Buz Your Face" skin care. 

Made from the essence of the hive, our new skin care has amazing honey-healing-nature-made inside.   

We blend local sourced honey and hemp  

along with botanicals like rooibos tea, white willow bark, mango, baobab, elderberry, kale, we pick the best wellness and salon craft for your skin care. 


 FAT BEE - all the fat soluble vitamins your face needs- overnight replenishing -wake up to renewed dew and           velvety-smooth  hello sunshine.

QUEEN BEE - the Queen of the market-greens, caffeinated green-tea-oatmeal and botanical antioxidants for your face-our best face cream for daytime transformation -hello wrinkle fighter-skin balancing-moisturizing royal face-time

CLEAR BEE - skin breakouts, blackheads, zits be gone- with this natural skin cleanser-solid bar lasts longer than liquids- white willow bark and hemp-honey-rooibos tea, the best pore exfoliating face bar-creamy lather gentle strength -naturally clear skin- refreshing lime essential oil - wow fresh and clean


Honey Buz- Buz your Face- all natural and pure

Chemical free, preservative free, paraben free, silicone free, formaldehyde free - this is for you, me, and our families. 

Honey Buz is beauty and wellness - and support to our favorite supplier Honey bee ! 


Our skincare focuses on  care - we salon craft our product line in the beautiful Hudson Valley and as part of our " give back" we choose to use biodegradable and sustainable packaging, limiting water-we do not dilute our goodness.

Thank you for your purchase-together we support and help save the planet -our natural supplier is our healer.