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Daikon -The miracle root for hair

Daikon- miracle root for Hair- natural shine       

Daikon the miracle root for hair –Why The Buz

What is Daikon? Daikon (大根, literally 'big root'), Raphanus sativus

Daikon so priced for so many dishes. In Japan it’s a staple. While traveling through Japan I fell in love with this root vegetable. Am familiar with the large version and had no idea of how many types there are and how it is made so many different ways. Typically seen as a garnish on your Asian-American dish; this root grows many varieties all year around even through winter. It is so amazing to see the traditional gardens with Daikon offered up at local markets in baskets. There was a crisp farm freshness in the air and Daikon radishes in all sizes and all kinds of recipes.

A new favorite dish we experienced while in Japan was smoked Daikon and cream cheese braved at a small wine shop. It was cut thin and beet red and smokey- it looked like a slice of filet on my plate. The flavor was rich and delicious and matched well with the wine. It was like arriving full circle- I ate what I use on my hair and skin, well sort of.

Daikon seed extract- moisturizing silk

DSE is short for Daikon Seed Extract .Daikon Seed Oil is a natural emollient from Daikon which is also known as the Raphanus Sativa plant. When you read a Honey Buz label ingredient Raphanus Sativa will be listed . We recognize the specific attributes that Daikon brings to formulations of added strength and shine to hair.

Daikon for natural shine, moisture and silky hair. 

The pure extract and moisture absorbs quickly into skin and hair for all-day protective barrier. It has a fatty acid composition that distinguishes it from all other oils making it an ideal daily moisturizer for skin, scalp, and hair. When independently tested against synthetic and shine additives, Daikon Oil surpassed commonly used chemicals.

Daikon seed extract is extremely light and virtually odorless.. And Daikon Seed Oil’s slip provides functional ease when dry or wet combing. The unusual combination of fatty acids feed the hair and nourish the follicle and provide remarkable botanical shine. The healthy shine we want. And no more limp locks . Allowing all other benefits of our salon quality to be let in too. Our natural blend of Honey and Hemp for a chemical free glow

At Honey Buz we use Daikon in our products because we care about what we create.

We share our experiences, research and information to share benefits of knowledge. We educate to what is on the label and in the product. We hope that you share yours too.

Save your body, save your hair and the planet. Join the hive and buy our natural shampoo and conditioner bars. The effect is silky shiny hair, and chemical free wellness. We want you to experience the benefits being naturally buzzed.