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All Kale the Queen

All Kale The Queen - Honey Buz day cream dream - Queen bee 

Honey Buz  Queen Bee is true salad bar of ingredients along with our honey and hemp signature blend. And Kale is a naturally buzzed choice as one of them.

Kale is one of our Honey Buz top shelf ingredients and has amazing qualities and we know we deliver results.

Why is Kale such a benefit to skin?

Kale offers several skin benefits, including the following.

Antioxidant brute force is number one reason we add kale to " Buz your Face".

Free radicals cause collagen break down so that skin loose luster. Kale helps assist in fighting free radicals and protects against collagen breakdown. So, it is a natural to ward off wrinkles, and provides great assistance in the skin repair process.

Kale offers several skin benefits, including the following.

 >Vitamin A which helps all hosts of skin problems. Whether acne, eczema, dermatitis, or eczema, if it’s a skin disease, it can be combated with warrior kale. The skin benefits of Vitamin A are many. Not only helps to repair sun damage, it aids in the production of skin cell renewal.

>Vitamin K for Kale.

Vitamin K helps tighten skin- and helps reduce fine lines ale helps largely to reduce dark circles under your eyes. It will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles in your skin because Vitamin K helps to tighten the skin.

>Lutein is a carotenoid that promotes collagen which is your skin’s strength and elasticity. Along with in Vitamin A ,the lutein in kale will help your skin.

>One of the most important benefits of kale for skin is the dense amount of Vitamin C. Reduction of dark spots, sun damage, and brightening of skin tone naturally.

That " Naturally buzzed glow "- Honey Buz Queen Bee

Kale - a major part of the equation. This plant acts as a natural detoxifier, and externally protects against wear and tear. Helps to keep skin healthy and youthful fresh despite environmental effects, and that is why it is important to blend it in our formula, so that you can truly feel the Queen you are, and you deserve to bee.

What types of skin benefit from Kale?

Kale is packed with nutrients that detox and clear out debris. It is a superfood to the rescue.

All types of skin and everyone can benefit -with lasting results.

Because debris and harsh environment causes blemished skin; blemished skin always benefits from Kale.

For dry dehydrated skin, kale improves hydration for skin within our Queen Bee moisture rich day cream.

Wellness factors in to care and relief irritated skin, and we focus on the best natural skin care for irritated skin.

Sensitive skin – Kale sooths and protects. Queen Bee is an all-natural skin formula blended especially for sensitive skin. Featuring Kale as one of the “farmer market” ingredients, Queen bee is easily the new must-have day cream in your skin care regime.

Keep in touch with us to learn about how Honey Buz superfood blends can benefit and provide “skin that glows”. And please visit us on Facebook and Instagram for any events and happenings.