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Saving our Hair – The Cancer Journey – The Inspiration of Susan

Saving Our Hair-The Cancer Journey

Inspired by Susan, you were there for me when I needed you; thank you for opening my world to a deeper love of flowers   

I knew that I was to be part of change. For me, for you for everyone.

And it started with understanding that we can choose, better ingredients, natural healing remedies.

And when we look back to our ancestors, they knew that nature provided all the requirements for healthy living. It's all here, and it's all for us; and we have a responsibility to be good stewards of this earth.

Susan H. is and will always be an inspiration to me. With her purple dress and pink dyed hair, she was instrumental in so many people's lives when she conquered her breast cancer.

Rock bands, fund raisers, art classes, her strength and fortitude helped support those going through chemo and the mental challenges that grip “surviving”. She became known by the American Cancer Society, was the connector to get people engaged and marching for awareness -donating to cancer research, creating an environment for people to support each other in a positive way.

In 2019 when Honey Buz formulas were just beginning; the shampoo and conditioner bar was a priority. Designed for sensitive skin and hair -we did not know how amazing this would be for hair loss: soothing scalp and strengthening weak affected or aging hair. I knew the difference it made for me personally, and I will not go back to bottles of water, mixed with detergent and over used fragrances and chemicals that weight hair down, cause red and itchiness on my scalp, and left my hair with “limp linguine “.

Honey Buz for me was the answer and the mission, using the best ingredients from nature, Buz Buz is the caffeinated shampoo with a wellness factor using honey and hemp, along with daikon and an all-natural blend to support weakened and limp locks. Am grateful to Cindy for formulating such an amazing product, and so many more. The shampoo bar created as Buz Buz-was my hair saving choice.

When Susan was in year 4 -her cancer came back and was found in her liver. She knew better than to let that slow her down, In fact upon my invitation she accompanied me on a healing journey to Sedona AZ.

That was October of 2019. My mom, myself and my great friends from Chino Valley all met in Sedona to celebrate life, empowerment, and earth energy. The Indians call Sedona a sacred place and many have come to visit the beauty and awe of the red rocks. We all agreed that it was a shared healing for all of us during our visit. We watched butterflies gathering and migrating and we spoke of their beauty and freedom, and how like honeybees our pollinators are an extension our natural cycle of life.

With family and friend guidance we created our lotions, to sooth and heal skin irritations. To quiet muscle pain in hands and body we completed Honey Glove -gentle topical pain relief, with 500 mg CBD Hemp, Arnica and MSM; 3 natural pain relievers focused on joint pain, inflammation, swelling and relief. Our base honey and hemp sensitive skin formulation makes it able to be used on raw skin. Having gone through chemo – this is preferred and so gentle, is it an extra special solution to pain.

I learned a lot on the cancer journey -when you are not able to eat well, you can not ingest a pain killer. It is not something that can be tolerated easily. All natural truly heals -chemicals do not. Gentle is always best.

At the end of August 2021 Susan turned into a butterfly. With iridescent wings she set flight free of human pain and off to spiritually heal others. Her spirit left its impression on me.

Susan never listened to the facts or numbers; she lived a life and shared with others how to be in their best mental fortitude. We spent time in capturing free and wonderous moments- and my friends and family were touched by her presence. At a gathering this year July 4 2022 the band rocked the 80’s -we shared a moment of silence and joy for our friend Susan. It was then I saw it, a beautiful butterfly setting off on her journey to the clouds.