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Already Buzzing in the New Year 2023

Gratitude for a New Year and for new planning. Thank you for all of your support and kind words throughout these last weeks. And a special shout out to the ladies from the Women's Expo in Edison NJ that caught me even after the holidays to say how much they love our Honey Buz results.

Another shout out to the local ladies that stopped in at the Honey Buz lab in Warwick NY- or tracked me down at home at the lake; it is such a joy and pleasure to know that we are all rewarded in this journey.

And of course, our own team with whom none of these rewards are possible. I thank you every day for your support on growing Honey Buz in the creation of something beyond us. Am grateful for all the moments and even the challenges.     

Whether it was the results of amazing fluffy hair with shine, or beautiful silky hands that stayed soft with even the driest skin and hand conditions; am so proud of our Honey Buz skin and hair care products because they are true care and remedies packed with known healing and wellness ingredients. 

Keeping chemicals out of the mix, packaging each and every one with nature's intention.

Great communications have occurred about wanting to experience better ingredients, how honey is so healing and how in different ways we help each other. Thank you to all of you that inspire me and the rest of the Honey Buz team to do better.

And with this newest year buzzing along, we are working on some new honey and hemp blends for the next release. 

We love the feedback and have listened to requests for products we should offer, and we really care about providing what is needed.

Sometimes we can't know what the best direction may" bee", and the best guidance is you our growing community of friends, family, helper bees, queen bees, all of us the busy bees. Thats why we want to honor you this year and every year with skin deep care and luxurious hair, and all the other personal wellness we can share!!!   

    to this next year- Naturally Buzzed with Honey Buz