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Buzzin over Kokum Butter

Buzzin over Kokum Butter- why we choose to use  

One of the Honey Buz "fav from nature" ingredients is Kokum butter. Kokum is a hard butter from India and it's nut free, so great news for those with nut allergies. The natural structure of this plant fat allows kokum butter to remain solid at room temperature — why it’s typically referred to as a butter instead of an oil.

Restores moisture to dry skin, scalp, and hair

Kokum is probably best known for its role as a potent emollient, or moisturizing agent It can be used to improve the moisture content of almost every part of the body, including your skin, lips, feet, scalp, and hair. Helps repair skin -

“Kokum butter is well-known for its ability to regenerate skin cells and is used to heal sores and bites as well as cracked lips, hands, and heels. It also prevents the degeneration of skin cells, so you are fighting skin damage before it even starts!” 

Rich in essential fatty acids it does not clog the pores (non-comedogenic). It is also naturally anti-bacterial so can help clear skin . We like it in our hair care because it aids in cell oxygenation and cell regeneration as it softens the skin; therefore it makes the nutrients better able to penetrate the hair for optimal health and hair growth. 

At Honey Buz we "choose to use" the best ingredients always.

Kokum butter is rich in vitamin E. This fat-soluble, essential nutrient is bursting with antioxidants, benefiting your immune system, skin health and cell function. It protects against free radicals that can cause discoloration and other skin damage caused by environmental toxins. Antioxidants helps to improve the hair growth by maintaining the collagen in the body or the connective tissues of hair follicles'. It also protects the scalp cells in the blood vessels to promote the healthy hair growth. Unlike other similar types of plant-based butters, kokum butter is not very heavy. It’s absorbed into the skin easily, so you’re not left with a greasy feeling after application. This butter is shelf stable and our Honey Buz products containing kokum butter can last at least 1-2 years because of its oxidative stability. It is another from nature quality that allows Honey Buz products to be chemical and preservative free.  

Our Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars can outlast 2 bottles and that's a solid statement. We use ingredients like Kokum Butter along with Honey and Hemp to craft with wellness and care.  

Honey Buz Skin Care
Kokum Butter promotes healthy hydration Kokum butter contains nearly 60-65% saturated fatty acids, made up of stearic acid up to 45% vs 35% in cocoa butter), palmitic acid (up to 8%), oleic acid (up to 50%), and linoleic acid (around 4%). Chock-full of essential fatty acids, it keeps your skin hydrated and maintains elasticity. Some experts theorize that the moisturizing nature of the butter — along with the antioxidant and antimicrobial capacity of the compounds found in kokum fruit may be the reason behind its strong potential for soothing various inflammatory skin conditions. 

Kokum butter is edible and occasionally used to make chocolates and other confections. However, it’s most popularly used as an ingredient in topical cosmetic and personal care products, including makeup, lotions, soaps, balms, and salves.  We love how Kokum Butter enhances our Honey and Hemp blends to make the best Skin Care and Hair Care - with salon quality performance and "wellness" intended.