What makes our Honey Buz Bars - Buz Above the Hive ?

What makes our Honey Buz Bars - Buz Above the Hive ?

Posted by TLewit on Aug 3rd 2020

Honey Buz Bars are above the hive 

In short a Healthier New You !

It is important to read ingredients so that you know what your money is buying.

Given that corporate cosmetic companies use cheap additives and water is number 1,

we are committed to creating better.

Many are highly sensitive to chemical ingredients, harsh detergents, allergic to nut oils,

it has been difficult to find skin and hair care that is “harm-less”.

We here at Honey Buz,  realize how most skin care products does not “care” for your skin.

For that reason, Honey Buz  began crafting all-natural cosmetics for skin and hair care.

Over 12 years of ingredient fine tuning- to not use additives- to not 'cheapen" the recipe and the result is a line of superior products for skin and haircare, with the expertise of blending higher priced ingredients for healthy benefits. 

As a recent discovery many people, men and women old and young; have a new normal of hair breakage and loss, with dry skin irritation. In the hope of a healthy future we support beekeepers and use raw honey blended with hemp and daikon, along with natural healers to help Save our Hair. 

The result was learning the effects of pure honey for ageless healing and health benefits. Healthline on Honey

In short, our mission began to create the next best products for all. Shampoo Bars, Conditioner bars for all hair types; even our furry companions can be naturally buzzed and soothed from itching. 

Honey Buz Skin Care delivers pure natural radiance; with pure honey and meadow ingredient blends 

Together we established Honey Buz a simple product line incorporating the known benefits of Honey and CBD.

Honey Buz Shampoo and Conditioner Bars are solidly above the rest-

Honey Buz Bars are pure, simple ingredients-with salon quality results

  No chemical additives. No Preservatives No PEG Emulsifiers

  No Volatile Solvents, No Sulfates, No Phthalates

   No Betaines No Silicones or ANY Cones

         and No Dyes

We handcraft a solid product and you add the water. 

Simply stated our Honey Buz Bars are natural and pure. bees1-1.png

Your Skin and Hair Naturally buzzed - contact us for samples to try today