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Save your Body - Save your Hair- Save the Planet

Save your Body - Save your Hair and Save the Planet 

Honey Buz natural hair care and skin care

It’s simple, genetically I have never had great hair. Thin easy to tangle, and my brush collected more hair than my head over time. I used highlighting and coloring to help “thicken” my hair lol, the damage and split ends and frizz made it look like it had more volume.

I did not understand about hair conditioner, I knew if I used too much my head with be a grease slick in an hour after washing. If I used too little; the hairbrush wins; again. 

Fast forward, and now am on medication that has the side effect of thinning, breaking, losing hair-great.

As much as there are sexy bald woman- not one of them.

Honey Buz Begins  singlebwbee.png

I met Cindy Allyn and we discussed her spa, her knowledge of hair and skin. With the genetic disposition of being fair, and highly sensitive skin, allergic to all. Cindy already was developing for herself and others all-natural hair and skin care products. We spoke about healing and allergies and plastics and horrible harmful cheap fillers and “stuff’ that was in hair and skin formulations, that are used by big business for big profits, and then add water.

Double the profit just add water.

Honey Buz developed a unique process of manufacturing solid bars. 

We made a Solid choice. And a solid statement. Save your Hair, Save your Body Save the Planet !

The beautiful ingredients that created our amazing shampoo and conditioner bars, are never watered down. We use biodegradable -from our bio boxes to our crafting-manufacturing process;

Let's discuss my hair. I receive compliments. I finally outsmarted the brush! It is naturally full, the Buz -Buz  conditioner bar, detangles so easily , never feels greasy, yet – find out for yourselves please.

You will find that making a solid choice will leave you naturally buzzed!