22 West Main -Goshen Village NY -Shop Local Headquarters

22 West Main -Goshen Village NY -Shop Local Headquarters

Posted by T Lewit on Nov 15th 2022

22 West Main in Goshen NY -Shop Local Headquarters

The message is about community, the message is Shop Local and support small businesses. It is our own local farms and apiary that provide us natural abundance, and we support local. 

In the beautiful historic town of Goshen 22 West is a unique find. Heartfelt gifts and sayings line the walls, beautiful ornaments and holiday décor abound, and it would not be local without Honey Buz.

22 West just celebrated a two-year anniversary in Goshen NY. Initially opened as a mailroom providing shipping services to the area. Today 22 West Main has evolved to provide gifts for all too. With a ‘shop local mindset” we love to support this beautiful venue by providing the area with gifts for your personal care. It is about community.

And now dressed up for the holidays, this Goshen Village store is magical.

We are proud to have our naturally buzzed products featured for the holidays. We too are heartfelt when it comes to selecting locally sourced wholesome ingredients to make our beauty and wellness products. Beauty with wellness, our facial trio of Clear Bee, Fat bee and of course Queen Bee offer delicate treatment for your face. Our solutions are full of vitamins for your skin.

Best is -we are the local “made in Warwick” small business with beekeeping and farming as our roots. Honey and Hemp is our base and is in all of our products along with natures best botanicals -without any chemicals, without extra water. No water- is our moto for Honey Buz shampoo and conditioner bars, we want our local valley to be plastic debris free, it’s our responsibility to support nature’s cycle and support our earth. Like hugs and kisses for your body our lotions, and topicals deliver wellness results, with the natural local essence of what is the Hudson Valley.

s we salon craft with healing in mind and appreciate being able to help others with our products.

We are excited to be part of this Shop Local venue as we all support each other. Experience the seasons joy with being in a “support local mindset”. It is planted in our American farming history.

If you are in the area, or not; as you are stopping along the way; in Goshen Village NY – through the door of 22 West Main awaits unique treasures and a warm greeting to share.

if you are looking for a Honey Buz stocking stuffer, this quaint store has our products available, and it is a special treat for the holidays.

             Thank you for shopping local we are grateful to you for supporting us.