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Honey Buz Supports Local Beekeepers and Hemp Farmers

Take a close look at that cute little golden bear in your kitchen cabinet because Honey, he may be deceiving you!

If you are not buying your honey locally, then you may not be buying real honey at all. The demand for honey is at an all time high. At the same time, bees are dying off in record numbers all over the world. When a lucrative commodity is in a shorter supply, there will always be fraud in the marketplace.

Then there is Manuka Honey. The rare liquid gold that is touted as the best tasting healthiest honey of all time. This very pricey honey is found only in New Zealand and in small areas of Australia. The global demand for Manuka is at an all time high. How can all these little bees keep up with the exploding demand? Well, that’s where more fraud enters the marketplace. A 2014 investigation in the UK where Manuka is very popular, showed that only 1 in 7 brands sold were truly Manuka Honey (the others were all misbranded and cut with corn syrups and other ingredients to defraud the public). We just don’t see how so many brands can be telling the truth about their inclusion of Manuka Honey in their products, especially after all the recent wildfires.

Honey Buz Supports Local Beekeepers Because We Know Our Suppliers Specifically and We Can Trust Them Explicitly! We Will Be Featuring Them on Our Blogs So You Can Get to Know Them Too.

For a truly eye opening educational experience about honey, we implore you to watch the Documentary Series ROTTEN, offered on Netflix. Season 1 has an episode about the honey industry so please watch "Lawyers, Guns & Honey" and be informed.  We recommend you watch the entire series if you can as it explores our food industry, which leads us to why we support our local farmers.

Farmers are our friends and our neighbors here in the region where we make Honey Buz.  We have complete respect for the hard work they put into working their land and keeping us all fed.  Where would we all be without farmers?  So, in 2018 when the new Farm Bill was signed into law by President Trump, many farmers across the country got excited about growing this emerging lucrative crop.  It's the new farming frontier and as you can imagine, it's not going to be an easy road to travel.  Farmers have many challenges to face ranging from fraudulent mixed seeds to growing without pesticides to harvesting and extracting at just the right time: and of course, the cooperation of Mother Nature as always.  Undetermined, vague government regulations, every changing rules and laws, testing and processing centers.  I can go on and on.  Just as we work with our friends, the beekeepers, we will only work with farmers that we know and trust.  It's a small industry that's yielding big results and we know you, are loyal consumers, deserve only the best, especially in these challenging new times.

Here at Honey Buz we personally guarantee the freshness and the integrity of all our CBD Products because we are your neighbors too.

Thank you for your business and live well our friends.