Honey Buz

Create Your Own Buz: Hard Honey Candy Edibles Kit

Your Buz...Your Way! Create 50 Custom Edibles With This Starter Kit.  Choose Your Flavor Below. (This starter kit includes 1 flavor oil bottle)

Your Buz...Your Way At The Dosage You Want!

This Hard Honey Candy Making Kit for Adults Let's You Do Just That!

This complete kit includes everything you will need to make 50 candies easily with simple to follow directions you can do in your own kitchen.  How much is your dosage? That's entirely up to you.  Can you use CBD or Legal Cannabis?  That's also entirely up to you.  Our Create Your Own Buz Candy Kit is made with three simple non-gmo ingredients and a completely natural flavor oil of your choice: just add your preferred CBD Extract or Legal Cannabis.  Nothing artificial goes into your candy.  You are in full control at all times.  Simply follow the simple instructions and your candy will be cooling off in the mold in less than 10 minutes.  Candy cools quickly right on your kitchen counter so you can enjoy your dosage within 15 minutes.  

Edibles Are Now Sweet, Simple and More Effective Than Ever for Taking Your Desired Dosage.  Not only does it taste great (you creatively choose or create your own flavor) but it's very effective!  Hard candy stays in your mouth a long time so it increases the amount of time for absorption.  We all know that the recommended way to take your dose is to administer the oil under your tongue and wait 30 seconds or longer.  That's difficult and unpleasant for most people to handle.

Our powerful and mighty little candies fit perfectly under your tongue for the longest, tastiest, best absorption ever.  Check out our blog here and learn more about why your should Create Your Own Buz!

Want to get very creative?  You can buy additional flavor oils here to mix and match and create truly unique flavors.  These oils are also wonderful for flavoring homemade tinctures.  

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Height 9.00
Width 6.00
Depth 1.50
Honey Buz Create Your Own Buz Hard Candy Making Starter Kit