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Create Your Own Buz-z

Create Your Own Buzz ! Edibles Candy Kit

Honey Buz announces our new incredible edibles kits.

         Easy 4 steps to the greatest candy factory, your kitchen!

       What flavors do you like?

        Create your own Buz Kits are incredible edibles you make your self! 

You decide flavors and amount - we provide all the rest for the best  tasting ever adult candy treats.    

   Certified All Natural Flavor Oils for Edibles
  No alcohol, No Salt, No Sugar..Just the finest purest flavor extracts derived from nature.

Orange, Ginger, Root Beer, Apple, Pina Colada-and more !!!

Adult flavors you can blend for the best CBD solid candies 

Make you own solid lozenges to melt in your mouth or your favorite coffee or tea beverage -yum!

Best is its easy to make in 4 steps, for the best edibles you have ever had!

Delicious and yummy and fantastic quality that lasts in your mouth - and you are the creator !

                             Love to create your own buz ?

We tested them all, then blended some flavors and tested again. Results are amazing and full of great flavor you will enjoy every time. Try out some of our flavors today ! 

        One 5 ml bottle comes with your starter kit. Use half of one bottle for each 50 Candy Batch.


  Want to get really creative with creating your own buz? 

Buy additional flavor oils here to mix and match for truly unique edibles. Cinnamon can add some sweet heat to any flavor if you want to kick it up a notch! These flavor oils can also be used to flavor homemade tinctures. The oil soluble extracts will blend in perfectly with your oil. The water soluble flavor oils will have to be shaken well before use. All of our flavor extracts blend in perfectly with our candies. Try ginger and lemon together for a throat soothing lozenge. Try cinnamon and tropical fruit for some sweet heat.

   Get Creative & Enjoy!

        I want Candy !    I want Candy!    Honey Buz edible kits solid fun, solid yum.